Loita Hills Walking Safari

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Explore on Foot with Masai Guides

Walking Safari trek with local Masai on a traditional hiking safari in the remote Loita Hills, one of Kenya’s last tracts of genuine wilderness. Rarely visited by outsiders, a Loita Hills trek offers an exclusive and exciting addition to your Masai Mara safari.

Your adventure begins with a privately guided hike through the homeland of the Maasai Purko clan, guided by tribesmen whose homeland includes the Loita Hills. Discovering the 200km2 Sacred Forest filled with cedar, podo and strangler figs, waterfalls, and spectacular birdlife.

The area is inaccessible to vehicles, and the wilderness is relatively untouched. Some 2,000 colobus monkeys roam the trees, and you’re also likely to see or find evidence of elephant, buffalo, baboon, bushbuck, bush pig, leopard and hyena. Your private guided hiking safari features a route custom-tailored to your physical abilities and interests.

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